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Class of '83 Memories

The Class of 1983 memories over the years reflect the love the class shares.

Class of 1983 @ 40


From the varied points of the compass

Our hopeful paths were led to the heralded arch

Where learning of the world

And learning of ourselves



With more than fourteen-thousand days passed

A cap thrown high in the air

Signifying the start of something new

Something unexpected, something scary

Something wonderful

We eft the sacred soil

And became part of a 129 year old legacy


Health and family

Pain and fortune

Change and happiness

Loss and welcome


The aches and pains of old bones and worked muscles

Give way to golden memories

And hope instilled for another generation


We return to our campus green

Only to find

Time continued on

As memories slowed to stall, some fade

We can be lost in the familiar

But recognize

The opaque shadows of once was

Back in my day

Drifts on the winds

As we find a pace

To muse

To embrace

To remember



Guy Sims Brotherman.jpg
National African American Museum Smithsonian.jpg

Dr Guy Sims 


National Museum of African American 

Brotherman Tribute Emory

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